Convey Dangerous Goods by Road

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Convey Dangerous Goods by Road

About this course


This workbook belongs to you.  It is designed to serve as a guide for the duration of your training course and as a resource for after the time.  It contains readings, activities, and application aids that will assist you in developing the knowledge and skills stipulated in the specific outcomes and assessment criteria.

Follow along in the guide as the facilitator takes you through the material, and feel free to make notes and diagrams that will help you to clarify or retain information.  Jot down things that work well or ideas that come from the group.  Also note any points you’d like to explore further.

Participate actively in the skills practice activities as they will give you an opportunity to gain insights from other people’s experiences and to practice the skills.  Remember to share your own experiences so that others can lean from you too.

Each section will be preceded by outcomes and assessment criteria taken from the South African Unit Standards, where available.  These will describe what you must know and be able to do in order to successfully complete the course.  If the course is aligned to Unit Standards, you will be able to receive credits towards a National Qualification upon successful assessment.

This course can be completed in two days

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