Prosthetic Covers

I am a Trans-tibial amputee and was very disgusted and hurt when a friend one day called me “Peg Leg”.

I am very open-minded about my leg but that hurt.

I decided to make my prosthetic look like something that everyone would respect and admire.

My First attempt was very basic and consisted of me using a heat gun on a plastic lattice plant trainer.
Although it did protect and add volume to the prosthetic it was still not what I wanted
My next attempts were 3D printed. Much Better however at that stage I still thought that I would just imagine it and it would be printed. Big mistake.
I decided to buy a printer and learn a 3D design program and after several months of dedicated learning I started to get the hang of it and printed my first cover.

I then started to add
patterns and brackets

My intention is to make covers for people who think like me and although I already have some ideas for you to start with, it will your unique design.

For my design service R 2,000.00
Printing of cover R 1,000.00

FOR Free you can have the print file and have as many covers printed as you wish.

You get a new prosthetic! No problem I will modify your design to fit for R 1,000.00 and print a new cover for R 1,000.00